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Zombie Panic! patch 1.7

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As most of you will probably already know, ZP!S is about to get a very big patch. A release date for this patch should be... released... very shortly. Therefor, lets summurise already: whats going to be in it? What can we expect?


First off all, there will be some mapfixes again. Especially ZPO_Deadblock will get some big changes. As it is right now, this map contains quite some glitches and exploits. Doorspam, blocking the entrances of the van and a ladder exploit. You've got them all on the map right now. But beside the, zombie favoured, problems, this map is just too easy for the humans.

In the future it will no longer be possible to spam doors, that will be one of the fixes, which is especially important on ZPO_Deadblock. Also, some people camp in the room at the human spawn. With all the stuff in there, it is easy to block of the door. Therefor, the stuff in this room will be made unmovable.

ZPO_Tanker, one of the newer maps in ZP!S, still contains some problems. It is now possible to take an exploit shortcut to get to the panel you need to destroy, this might get fixed. Also, zombies drown if they are in the water at the end of the round, it is likely that this will be fixed too.

Deleted maps and added maps

In the patch, two maps will be removed from the official maplist. These are ZPS_Subway and ZPS_Deadblock. Both maps used to be ZPS maps, but got altered into ZPO mode. Therefor, the old ZPS versions have become useless. Subway is just too big and Deadblock is too much human favoured. Both maps will probably become custom maps that you can still play on some servers.

With deleting two old maps, two new maps take their places, and maybe even more. So far we have Club Zombo, which came out of a map contest, and Shreddingfield. Click here to watch the video on Club Zombo that shows you the map. About Shreddingfield there is a lot less known, for that we will have to wait.

New Gamemode

Also known by a lot of people is the coming of a new gamemode called ZPA. What these letters stand for is uncertain. Zombie Panic Advanced, Zombie Panic Annihilation, Zebra Panda Alliance, we dont know. What we DO know is that in ZPA it will be probably possible for groups/clans to fight against eachother. It is likely that new maps get made for this gamemode. But once again, not much is released on ZPA.

Work, work!

What IS sure is that the Zombie Panic! Team has their hands full on all the work that is being done at the moment. Therefor, they have asked for more programmers. If you think you have the skills to help them out, you can click here so sign up for a Team Application.

And now we wait!

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Once again we have managed to get our hands on some information! We can announce that ZPS_Town will become a ZPA map! Start making screenshots of this map, because soon it will be gone!

Since there is little known about the ZPA mode it is hard to say much about it. But it is likely that clans will be able to fight against eachother on this map in the near future.

For the full article you can go here.

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