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Financial report 2020 (Jan-Jun)


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Hello guys, so this is our financial report for the first 6 months of 2020. Thanks to everyone who contributed with every cent of their own. It really matters a lot to me and shows me that we still have players who don't wanna see this community dying. Most of the work with the community have been done thanks to @AfuSensi, but lets not forget our other developers who also helped us out and still helping us (@LuCkEr- @Mihoje @Haxardous). Also our server managers who are contributing a lot as well (@GoldBerg and @Lejorah).

Hopefully the other half of 2020 will be better financially. Enjoy your summer vacation everyone!

Month                   Income           Server Expenses      Other Expenses

Jan-20              78.28                          55.00                                -  
Feb-20              48.03                          55.00                                -  
Mar-20            143.97                          55.00                         23.78
Apr-20              92.25                          55.00                         70.00
May-20              59.83                          55.00                         30.00
Jun-20            128.68                          55.00                         43.26

Total:                    €551.04           €330                          €167.04

Remaining: €54

Other expenses could be forum renewal, developers payments, server advertising and anything similar to that. 

Don't forget that we finished 2019 with €167.90 and I already paid for July 2020, so our current balance is: €166.90 while July is paid for already.

Thanks to everyone one more time!

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