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Gameserver: Race

Age: 22 (May 1998)

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nick026/

Discord name **: Nick_026#5663

Ingame name: Nick_026 / NGR|Nick_026


Hello There, 

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nick, I am born and raised in the Netherlands. Currently I am learning Web Development in a college, I am in my 2nd year now. I have a part time job at a restaurant which I will not name. I work both in the kitchen and in the service department.

As you may know I have been playing on this server for quite a while. I have been actively contributing to the community with donations. But I would like to contribute in another way. I would like to help the community by becoming a moderator. People who have issues in some way can come to me with their problems and I can help them solve it. Of course, with my best judgement if required.

Now let us talk about my experience. Do I have any experience being a moderator in some way? Yes, I have. A long time ago, maybe 6 years, I have been co-owner of a Call of Duty 4 Death Run server. I was a so called ‘MasterAdmin’. I had access to everything I wanted. I could even respawn players or change maps at a few keyboard clicks. But did I abuse it? Absolutely not, it is not fair. At some point the server was quite popular and a lot of nasty people joined the server. At my best judgement I had to punish people sometimes. Simple mutes or kicks and, sadly, sometimes even bans. It was hard sometimes but I think I made the best decisions I could. In the end we ran into money-issues and thus the server is no more. It was a sad day.

The server I mentioned was `Pr0’Deathrun`, I was called Pr0`Demon there. So, if you played Deathrun before you might have known me.

If you do like to know more, feel free to send me a message on Discord or on the forums.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


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