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I kinda tried lua coding.

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I thought today maybe I should try out lua. I tried it in MS Word: didn't let me edit it, so I tried it in Wordpad; didn't let me edit it either, so I thought I'd try Notepad, everything always works on that from my experience, it worked but... eh... just see for yourself, it's readable but kinda and by kinda I mean seriously fucking annoying to use.

So my question is is there anything more user 'friendly' than Notepad, preferably free.

DL links please!

Here's a screeny of it:

EDIT: I've already tried Zeus for Windows and i tried Mindstarprods.com (forgot to mention that)

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Found this on google although it's not free: http://www.quotixsoftware.com/qde_index.htm

Kind of odd that you didn't think of that yourself.

Edit: Found one that's free: http://www.zeusedit.com/lua.html

Whoops! Forgot to say that I tried the Zeus one and I didn't really like it and I said free so once I saw the price on the other I was like "Fuck you!" to the website.

Thanks anyways.

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Thanks for your answers but I phoned up my dad (he works for a game development company) and asked him what they use and he said ConTEXT (http://www.contexteditor.org/)I tried it out and liked it and i'm sticking with it.

Someone lock this topic so people don't use anymore time on it.

PS Sorry you guys for not going with your answers and that you basically wasted your time but thanks anyways.

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Notepad++ massively recommended, set the language on it to LUA

On ConTEXT I don't need to set anything and it's all ready in one DL unlike on Notepad ++ with 3 or 4 different DLs which was kinda annoying for me 'cause i didn't know which one to get Source Code or Binary or that other one, i kinda figured source but on ConTEXT it's just one DL.

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