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Admin Application CarPileUp


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Gameserver: Mr. Green Garrys Mod Servers

Age: 15 (18.08.1994)

Country of origin: Germany

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi guys!

My name is Emre, im 15 years old and I live in a small town which is called Hösbach. At the moment i visit the 9th Grade. In my off time i'm playing some games like Red Alert 2 with chainsawman and having a conversation on skype with him or Garrys Mod Zombie Survival, but mostly Zombie Survival.

I really like coop games like ZS.

Well, i started playing Zombie Survival in September 2008 and till now i collected some experience. You can see me on the server nearly every day. I have fun to play with the others and try to help them when they have problems. But i feel shitty when i see (or hear) players who dont follow the rules. When there are admins online then this problem gets solved quickly. But what happens when there are no admins online? Right, some of them kill all joy. At this point i try to contact an admin so that he can join and solve this problem. But sometimes this can take too long. So i decided to make an Admin Application that so i can solve this problem in the future on myself when i get accepted.

Why i think i'm fit to be admin? Well:

• I'm always friendly to the other players and try to help them when they have problems e.g. with the "Game Play".

• Respecting the rules is the most important thing for me.

• I'm a neutral player. Everyone has the same rights.

• I try to entertain the server. But not like Skatezoc


I think thats all for now!

Cya soon,


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I dont really play ZS but I playd IW with you for a while and since you are my friend on steam you must be a nice person.

I think you would be fit to be an admin because you are active on BOTH servers.

When it goes about your behavior on ZS I got nothing to say, I think that's more up to people that know you bether on that server.

Anyway good luck! ;)

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So what can we say about Car-Pile-Up(even the name is weird).

a long, long time ago it was.....no it was september 2008.

It was right after my birthday where i created a "group".

Well this guy was known under the name Shadow_the_Hedgehog.(what the hell?)

Pretty quiet player like me at this time and i asked him to join this "group".

He accepted the invitation and i started a little STEAM-conversation with him.

After some time i played with him in a private server because i thought he was pretty mature.

He told me about his age and i thought: oh oh...too young for me.

I had a skypeconversation with him, not sure what would happen. (just do it!)

He acted VERY mature for his age.

Since this moment I am talking to him nearly everyday at least for some minutes to him.

And god... sometimes he was very annoying on the server so i had to teach him not to rage ....with success.

Now he is getting more and more like a perfect player...in skills and in his personality.

He is one of the last players i dont have to worry about, that he/she/it would glitch, because he never did.

In the last weeks he had some problems with some guys but he understand that not everybody can be nice and friendly.

i said:"Emre, if there are problems on the server,just tell me and dont try to argue with this idiots. Stay over these things."

This guy is really awesome ,very friendly and make me laugh so much sometimes.

I gathered lots of good experiences about him so i know what i am writing about!

I see my text is going to long again. (wall-of-text-syndrome)

What am I trying to say?

We have one very inactive Admin at the moment called Aiur.

I like him so I am sorry.He is a nice player.

Its just that we have already several admin's and i think the TopTeam should understadn that they have to sort some of them out. I dont want to act like the boss here .Dont get me wrong,please!

We have 2 guys I would enjoy in the G-Mod-Adminteam.

Hundred2 und Car-Pile-Up.

One guy is very active at ZS, the other guy at IW.

I try to be quiet clear right now, so everybody can understand my thoughts and my opinion.

OK, thats all i wanna say right now. I am very serious with the whole application-thing.

See you later, bye!


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Good luck car you will be a good admin. Well what i know of car-pile-up is he dosent rage and it was chain that taught him that?!!? i never knew.. anyway yeah so car would be an amazing admin


Dosent rage

ALWAYS active on the server

wouldnt abuse the powers

very friendly

a good player

and finally he is just an amazing player!


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