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Yunus's unban req


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 Your in-game name: Yunus,

Date of your ban: i banned two months ago

What game/server are you banned from: Mix n Race 

Who banned you (only if you know who):Mekuar

Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): I was unsilting to racist person 

Reason why we should unban you: I want play servers good old days and I miss server

If banned on MTA, post your MTA serial, (start MTA -> press F8 -> type serial):  072E9C2247C98FA6A7DCA7E307B1C7F3

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I think you still don't understand why you banned. I didn't ban you because of you insulted to racist guy. I banned you because you insulted non racist players and you had toxic behaviours. I'll unban you when you understand what is wrong about you. I'll keep your ban for now. 


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