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unban REQ


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  1. Your in-game name                                                               : THEMoroccanJOB
  2.  Date of your ban                                                                   : 3 months ago
  3.  What game/server are you banned from                            : Mix and Race
  4.  Who banned you (only if you know who)                           :  berg
  5.  Reason why you got banned (only if you know why)         : well i was joking with my insult to afro with his famous insult words " FUCK UR FAMILY " , cause he was insulting everyone and everytime like that . and he got muted many times ... so i just wana joke with him with his words.  so i guessed it will be a mute as him , but as always berg takes it at the high levels by the BAN because its me JOB.
  6.  Reason why we should unban you                                       : I just want play NTS . you can ban me in server and other Mix modes :)). Cmon Berg its just a game dont takes it seriously.
  7.  If banned on MTA, post your MTA serial,                             :  i dont know it
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