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the server's maps


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Hi to MTA players. There are 874 maps on the server and some of them (a lot) needs to be fixed for exmaple: not enough time to make the map or the checkpoint to be reached is impossible. I alredy fixed some maps but i need your help too. Plase write here the map name if you see that has a little bug so i can fix that. I would like to fix the all bugged maps as quick as possible.


Edit: Also write here the map name which has not enough spawnpoint.

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Hi again. Soon i will finish fixing the maps. Here are some things you have to know about the server's maps.

- All CnR maps will be deleted.

- Most (but not all) DD/DM maps will be deleted because pointless and sh*t maps

- All the race maps will have enough spawnpoint and can be started now.

- Maps that had not enough time to finish now has.

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