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Financial report 2021 (January/February/March)


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Here we go with out financial report for the first 3 months of 2021!! 

As usual thanks to everyone who helped the community with every cent they have. It means a lot for me and the community as a whole. You are the reason why the community is still online (even though we don't have the best servers out there).  Luckily we do have few developers who are working into making things better for all of you. These people are also helping the community, but instead with money. They are helping with their coding knowledge.



Other expenses on March was forum renewal (Every 6 months).

As of today we have €69.82 which is super good imo since we had bad months and a lot of time down. It proves how loyal the players are to the community and how much they love it which is encouraging me to keep this community online and do my best to make it better.

Sadly, I only have €7.68 from the €69.82. The rest is in Afu's account :( Thank you all for your support really!  

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