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Sarooshad's admin Application

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Game: Multi Theft Auto 

Server: Race

Age: 17

Country of origin: Pakistan

Link to Steam Community profile *: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sarooshad/

Discord name **: Saroosh_ad#4274

In-game name: Sarooshad

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Dear MrGreenRacing Directorate,

I would like to express my interest in the position of a Admin and help with the amelioration of players behavior. From my point of view, this server definitely needs a new admin. Unsavory occurrences such as griefing, insulting other players and cheating newbie gamers happens too frequently these days. Even when I am online, I cannot punish users which do not behave as appropriate. They disregard my warnings and I feel a huge lack of authority. I saw people breaking rules so many times, nevertheless I was not able to show You the required evidence since it is not possible to record my screen during the entire time I am playing. It is also really uncomfortable situation for me to send our admins so many reports and disturb them so often.
It seems to me that I have helped a lot of players, I always try to be a helpful person what can be corroborated by many players. Surely, If i would be chosen to represent our server as a Admin i would be glad and will never disappoint you.
I can see how being a victim of other's cheating can be disheartening, especially for our newbie players. My aim is to put an end to such behavior by issuing a warning, muting or even imposing financial penalties on disobedient players. It is really frustrating to consistently come across such players and having no authority to take any further actions.
If chosen, I will make it my life mission to fulfill all of the given duties and excel as a  Admin. I can promise that my contribution will help to improve the game even more and I will achieve it by being an active, respectful, righteous and supportive member of Your team. If you choose to appoint me, I will represent the crew as best as I can and you will gain a valuable and knowledgeable moderator.

I fully accept the terms and conditions of the position of the Admin.
It would be a huge pleasure to work with you and constantly make improvements to the sever

Additional Information :

i left MrgreenRacing in 2019 because my computer breakdown and cant get a new computer due to financial problem and i created a new account today and my account is now fresh and playing regularly as before

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