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Hello all.

Im -]alw[-Taint3d, Im from sioux falls south dakota in the good ol usa.

Iv played MTA for many years and since the fall of our alw server i havnt found a server i really liked since, untill i found your server and i find it quite fun. I play very often but i usualy quit and go to other servers because of the hackors that come on. Its no fun when 5 out of the 15 people playing hack...

Since there is no admins ever on I was wondering if i could become and admin. Iv been and admin for afew years for the -]alw[- clan... Im not the type of person to go on a banning streak or just ban someone cause they win... I only ban if i have clear evidence that someone is hacking. If they are hacking ill put them on a ban write down there name and ip and post it on the forums. so if there is a problem they can come and see why they are banned and why they should stay banned or be let back in. I know exactly how the hax work because I have used them for testing purposes and training in alw.

Also i have a friend that plays all the time and he wants to sign up too, so we can both help keep your server clean and clear of hackers.

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Country of origin:

Link to SteamCommunity profile:

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

This needs to be in the application. Also, your friend will need to need post a separate application if he's wanting to be an admin as well.

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Ya i read it, sorry forgot to add my age

Im 28

I dont use steam if that matters ill make a profile

I live in the state of South Dakota, in USofA

Im a video/photography producer for a major car company. that has Mercedes BMW Honda Acura Mitsubishi Ford Chevy and Subaru..

Im a total computer nut always trying to learn something new. Also im a over clocking freak. Always tinkering there. I like rc cars. I have a traxxas jato 3.3 does about 65mph :).... Um i could go on and on but dont want to bore you guys.

Also id see myself fit to be an admin because Iv had afew years experience and am very respected in the MTA community.. many other clans know me, of course alw along with sik and drug are the other main servers i play on along with yours.

As i said in the other post i want to help clean up the server so its fun for everyone... The maps the people are great but afew ruin it for everyone... So I really want to help...

Thanks guys

Chris aka Taint3d

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I play around 9pm central till 3am most friday and saturday nights me and my buddy -]alw[-TicToc... he comes over and we drink a case of beer and goo from being 1st and 2nd on there to like last lol!

Oh also we play for awhile but as soon as hackors some in we go to SiK server alot too.... but Greens is my fav.

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