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I'm here to ask the Mr.Green's community if they are interested in a new Valheim server. Before we start tho, let me do a quick introduction. My name is Morgan and you can find me on on Discord @Sukkerpups. I am the new Valheim game server manager.

Yesterday i reached out to the Mr.Green community and suggested a Valheim server and i offered my self to manage it as well. The Mr.Green management thought this was a good idea. So, i'm here to day to ask the Mr.Green community what you guys would want in a Valheim server, and if you want a Valheim server in the first place. 

These are some of the routes we can take with a Valheim server:

  • Vanilla server: Which means a barebone original gameplay experience for everyone.
  • Modded server: Which basically means there are endless of possibilities to expand the gameplay.

Vanilla server.
Now, the Vanilla experience is fun in it self and are limited to 10 players playing simultaneously. Overall this is a great experience for both new players and for the more experienced ones as well This being said the general game experience will become repetitive after completing all the bosses and the content will be exhausted quite fast after this. Unless new Valheim players are recruited all the time, the playerbase will drop quite fast after some time. Even tho i love the vanilla gameplay, this is a sad reality.

Modded server.
Compared to Vanilla servers longevity can be extended with mods. With a modded server we can start out with a Vanilla server and expand as time goes by. To give you an overview of what mods can do, here are are some examples:

  • Pure PvP/PvE or both mixed together with zones.
  • New bosses and monsters - Can also be custom made.
  • Custom raids. Want dragons to attack at certain times? No problem.
  • Marketplace and NPC's. Want to have an RP server with it's own economoy? That's easy.
  • Weather effects. Tired of the night? Extending the daytime is possible. Do  you love snow? How a bout some snow and cold weather that deals damage. Hey, why not have whole seasons like summer and wintertimes. 
  • Buildings. Modded servers has the ability to add different, new and custom building materials.
  • Tired of people griefing your buildings? Why not make them indestructable or have better wards.
  • Events like arena PVP is fun and easy to create.

The longevity of a Vanilla server compared to a modded server is massive. However, not everyone wants to play on a modded server and vice versa. That's why i'm here to day.

What kind of a server would you like, and do you guys even want a Valheim server for the Mr.Green community? Please share your thoughts, opinions, experiences and your visions below.

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2 hours ago, Matoosh said:


i would like to see valheim server on mrgreen. Modded server is better for me. You meant Valheim+ as modded server?

Vanilla server is boring in long term. I mean gathering everything to build. You need a lot of work to build medium home or sth


Thank you for your input, it's appreciated.

It doesn't have to have Valheim+ included at all since most mods are supported through Bepinex, and Valheim+ is a mod in it self, however Valheim+ is really good when it comes to general settings on a server with specific mods in mind. There are other mods than Valheim+ to override general settings depending on which and how many mods that are on the server. But like i mentioned, it all depends on where we want to go with this server and what the community want in a Valheim server. This will be an easy fix to figure out when i've gathered some more information.

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