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wife_eater map attached file

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Hi there please find attached my map (I have tried uploading but says im not permitted to upload this type of file)????????????????. It is called wifeknife and is a nice map that runs from the second island through the desert making high speeds along the way.Thre are 32 cp and it works fine with the testing I have done gamemodes are set and its pretty much ready to go, if it meets your approval.



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You should be more describle when you post your maps.

What is this map about? Where does it take place? And so on.

Also give some screenshots.

Hi, i did in the post b4 this one. Its on the second island after the golden gate bridge, leads through the desert and ultimatey near the airport on third island. lots of nice road to drive only 3 vehicle changes bike-car (nothin stupid) and can be completed in a reasonable time. Respawns included (5 secs). Also A pretty fair start to the map as you will see. No crowding or pileups at all.

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