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God of War 2018 is a disappointing meh

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So apparently this is supposed to be a 10/10 BEST EVA.

I go in. And look at this slow dude and his kid trying to pick up a tree.  Can I change the camera? no its stuck on my ass.  I am told main character is called Kratos and is somehow a god. 

The kid becomes very annoying and there is no way to mute the kid. Graphics are pretty.

There is no form of jumping while in combat but the game itself does forget that sometimes because Kratos jumps in a cutscene.

Some god who cant jump.

Kratos is attacked by this connor mcgregor looking dude. Graphics are pretty I guess. 

The story kind of gets interesting but then I realize it uses the 'your princess is in another castle' thing too much. And sends Kratos and the annoying kid into a sequence of fetch quests and introduces these random elements that arent related to Kratos an Kid to create suspense.

Spoiler for a 4 year old game. The talking head and the giaint snake dont add anything to the main story. And by the way the objective of the journey is to scatter the kids moms ashes somewhere. The final boss is just the connor mcgregor guy and the drama with his mom. The drama isnt even anything serious. If the connor mcgregor dude and his mom just made up and said sorry this entire story wont happen. and these people are supposed to be gods. But they act like high school kids upset with their parents.

Story is pretty decent but it sequel baits.  And sets up stuff for the next game. I bet by the next game the mom drama with the connor mcgregor guy would be forgotten.


The problem is the combat. This camera is intentionally slapped pretty close so that enemies are not visible. And then gaem has to use these stupid arrows to indicate attacks. Why not just let thecamera pan out?

No jumping and this means no avoiding ground attacks by jumping.  Then there is the 'sliding' thing. When I press attack , and if Kratos is away from an enemy Kratos slides towards the enemy. Why? why cant the game trust my own distancing skills? 

This combat system is terrible for what it does. Then there is the annoying kid who keeps mouthing off, compounded by how there is no skipping cutscenes. 

I guess game sold because mcgregor drama and shiny graphics. But graphics get outdated fast, and its combat that makes games memorable and with this disappointing combat system,  I dont think the game would get remebered in the long run.


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