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New Year Event 2023

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Time for a new unique event!

During the next event all players can select their own maps*. We will use the tournament system and the top 5 players at the end of the event will receive prizes! 
This event will take place on Saturday 7th of January

Start time: 19:00 CET
End time: 21:00 CET
Where: race.mrgreengaming.com

❔ How will it work? ❔
Starting 19:00 all race maps will be reduced to 10GC*. Players can buy whatever map they want. During the event bought maps can only be played once. When the time hits 21:00 the current map played will be the last one. After the map is finished the top 5 players will receive rewards. 

🏆 Prizes 🏆

1st: 10.000 GC + 20 days VIP
2nd: 6.500 GC + 15 days VIP
3rd: 4.000 GC + 8 days VIP
4th 2.000 GC + 5 days VIP
5th: 1.000 GC + 3 days VIP

*Due to technical limitations it is not possible to reduce map prices to anything less than 10GC. Only maps currently in rotation can be bought. No maps will be recovered/added specifically for this event.

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Players can buy maps. The bought map will be placed in the queue. Other players can add to this queue. So if 20 players buy a map then 20 maps are placed in the queue. 

Whilst your map is queued you cannot buy a map. 

This has always been the case in the servers. I don't see why it will be different during the event. 

2 hours will hopefully give each person the ability to play their map. You don't have to stay the entire 2 hours to be legible for rewards. 

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