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wow its me or zs is messed up?


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well when i choose a perk(or class i dunno) sometimes i don't get the weapons that you shud: i'm either doing something wrong, not knowing something or something is broken. plus i keep having to download the medkit and i can't see it when i'm a medic. please help.

this might be in wrong topic thing if so soz.

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I have the same problem with the medkit. I always have 3 or 4 files to download, but they just seem to skip.

It doens't really affect gameplay apart from not having a medikit skin.

And yes, Dusty is right. There is a certain percentage to start with certain guns on different classes. Pour example, the support has around 50% of getting a scout at spawn

So in responce to your question: No, ZS is fucked up. Just that the file is a little glitchy and you just arn't lucky with getting the guns. XD

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I seriously don't know what's causing that, since all the files are on the download and game server.. Also, you can read the Class Bonuses at the start menu. You don't always spawn with guns or tools. (By the way, achievements, need to be lowered) thank you for your understanding. ( EDIT: I'm working as hard as I can in my spare time to updating the game, again. Since the last time, it wasn't finished 100%. You may feel unbalanced stuff like Berserker super-uber regeneration .. but what I hate in this game are the prediction errors - sliding and laggy movement, crappy prop bumping, etc )

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