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uDka Racing Clan is a Racing Clan running since 2012. It's original founders are: abinesh (XLR) and lukum


I've got a green light, from the founder to recruit some new members! Please - read the requirements carefully:


- You have played at least once, or twice on Race gamemode (DM/DD is optional, however if you want transition from DM/DD - go ahead, we also sometimes do DD / DM events and have those maps on our server, but we don't play them too often and they're mostly easy DM maps)

- You will be active on MTA:SA (could play on the server that we have / or other servers - you can play once a week, twice a week - as long as you'll be active it will be great)

- You are willing to participate in Clan events / matches (a.k.a funwars, clanwars) *for more competitive players

- You are willing to contribute to the future ideas of the server (if you know scripting for example - you can also help us do something with scripts that will be used for events etc.

- You can join as a casual player - If you don't want to play clanwars or matches with other teams I can also consider your application. However, please be active on Discord or on Team / Server events.

However, if you'll not get a chance to be selected I can provide you training if you're willing to train and you can re-apply whenever you feel you'll be ready. In these training courses, i'll show you tips & tricks, share videos how to be better at racing and you'll have to beat some tops or get close to some toptimes made by some pros. I'll launch a special private server, that you'll be able to join and do toptimes on.

When you'll be accepted, you will get access to:

- Our Discord server
- Our special "Team" chat on Discord, which you will be able to communicate with members, play with them if they would want to etc.:
- If you'll behave and be active you might even get a chance to have Moderator rights on our clan server, which will allow you to: upload maps straight from our server by (by Pressing F6 and heading into "uploader" - you'll need to follow desired instructions there, provided by admins to operate the uploader), moderate the server by kicking and banning the players, controling CW scripts & more.


When recruiting I will look at:

- How well will you handle the vehicles

- What lines will you use on certain maps types

- If you'll use common tricks (like tapping, or wheelie-tapping to gain speed on a motorbike)

- If you'll avoid obstacles and take very good shortcuts, even if you don't know the map (it's a very important skill to have)


You can decide to leave at anytime, but I hope that you'll also still play on our servers, and maybe even in the other teams (we made some great players that are now in the other TOP racing teams). You'll always be welcomed.


Hopes and dreams that I want to achieve in the future, in terms of this / or other clan:

- Make a business, so for the first time ever on Racing - members of the clan would be paid if they'll attend matches / performances. Small ammounts - but I think it would be worth it :)

If you don't know about Pro Racing - here are some videos made by me, or other recorders - you can see how much skill it takes to play in these sort of games:



You can also apply on our new forum (for people that don't like to use Discord) on this thread: https://udkaracing.boards.net/thread/3/recruitement-open

Under the thread on our forum (or by making a new thread in the Clan Applications category) please provide:

- Nick in game
- Country
- How many hours do you play on race
- Do you want to join as Casual player or as a Competitive player
- Times when you usually play
- Did you ever play on race / dm / dd or it's your first time?


If you would like to apply on Discord - message request me: Jacob ✅#9425





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