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No Random Crits in Arena,


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Crits, they can make a game one sided in a matter of seconds, 4/5 times that someone asks for crits and a vote is held the answer is usually "Turn Crits Off"

Heavy+Minigun Crits.

Scout+FaN Crits.

Demoman+Bottle Crits.

Soldier+Rocket Crits.

Just looknig at this small selection of possibilities for Crits and you realise: "Hey? This how alot of Arena games end"

Thats pretty much it. Instant round enders.

In all, do we NEED random Criticals, liked by few, and arise too often. All I propose is that Random Criticals are removed from the arena.

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Another topic

Werent your exact words "Go complain on the forum"

That's actually the only thing you could do. But there have been, and there are going to be many more complaints about the crits in Arena.

This is the best cause of action. Complaining on it on the server won't help a bit. Doing it here is much better.

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There is a command that just disables the random ones. So a Sniper/Ambassador HS is still a crit, Kritzkrieg still works, Axtinguisher still works, KGB still works.

YeahYeah, They're not the same though, Criticals from First Blood, Kritzkrieg, Backburner Etc. Are Fine, It's just the randoms that are annoying,

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Hate to revive old threads, But another sort-of solution just came upon me,

I've noticed that in some servers using HlX that points are deducted for crtis, I'm not sure how all that stuff works, but is it possible to do that, if so it serves as a negative effect of getting a critical, rather than rewarding the player.

I know it doesn't change the fact that they are annoying as hell, but hey, It's better than just leaving it how it is.

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