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12-08-23: Z3ITM4NN's Short Tech Cup [STC]

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Every map is Short and Contains some Technical Parts/Alot curves. (Similar to some Cody Maps and the Z3ITM4NN Quickseries(FFS))

Format: 5 Maps played 10 times each. Map times around 30-45 seconds.
Scoring: Z3ITM4NN Classific Scoring (Points per Finishposition + Toptime Classific): In Detail means the top 32 Finishers gain Points and the best 10 times gain extra Points for the total Leaderboard after the Event.

-Date: 12 August
-Startingtime: 19 CEST
-Server: MrGreen Event Server
-Duration: Estimated 1 Hour
-A MrGreen account is required to participate and to earn prizes

1st: 7,500 GC + 14 days VIP
2nd: 5,000 GC + 10 days VIP
3rd: 2,500 GC + 7 days VIP

Following Maps will be played:
[STC|Admiral|2]The Farm 
[STC|Admiral|3]Calton Heights  
[STC|Admiral|4]El Quebrados    
[STC|Admiral|5]LVA Freight Depot  

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Thanks for playing everyone! Hope to see u next week again. Huge Respect to Pepsi with 5 out of 5 TT1s and Honz with 5 out of 5 TT2s.

1st  [5V]Pepsiak    7202 p
2nd  Honz           6509 p
3rd  Mateoryt.8}    5024 p
4th  Nick_026       4603 p
5th  [uDka]Lilied   3923 p
6th  Suzuki         3421 p
7th  AlyxCore       3341 p
8th  [SiK]Juanka    2871 p
9th  V4POR          2659 p
10th SkyL!ne~       2531 p
11th 0range         2310 p
12th shortcat       2045 p
13th WitchyER       1917 p
14th NGR|CBY        1294 p
15th #M.Lucia       873 p
16th />RyRoy        809 p
17th NGR|Iveko      501 p
18th Patro :        137 p
20th H@rD$tYleRzZ!  36 p
20th Kerm1sh        36 p
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