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19-08-2023: Learn To Play Uranus!

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[L2P]Learn 2 Play UrAnus

Learn 2 Play is back as requested! This time we will play with UrAnus 😏. It will be played like it always have been.
One 3 Minute map got split up into 6 Single parts of each around 30 Seconds. First we will try to Master each of these parts in 10 Trys each and then we go for a 3 final Runs on the complete Map.

Format: 6 Parts played 10 times each + Complete played 3 times each.
Scoring: Z3ITM4NN Classific Scoring (Points per Finishposition + Toptime Classific): In Detail Means the top 32 Finishers gain Points and the best 10 times gain extra Points for the total Leaderboard. Additional the Toptimes on the Complete map will get a double Bonus.

-Date: 19 August
-Startingtime: 19 CEST
-Server: MrGreen Event Server
-Duration: Estimated 1 Hour
-For Extrapoints u need a MrGreen Login to get counting Toptimes.

Following Maps will be played:
10x [L2P|Uranus]1/6
10x [L2P|Uranus]2/6
10x [L2P|Uranus]3/6
10x [L2P|Uranus]4/6
10x [L2P|Uranus]5/6
10x [L2P|Uranus]6/6
3x [L2P|Uranus]Complete

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Thanks for playing everyone! Hope to see u next week again!

1st Suzuki #34925:       8961
2nd Mateoryt.8} #11303:  8144
3rd El^Grapadura #2072:  7048
4th Nick_026 #22614:     6251
5th heisenberg #34709:   5769
6th martin11 #3164:      5570
7th shortcat #2373:      4679
8th {8kalee</3 #34706:   4158
9th NGR|CBY #20210:      3689
10th WitchyER #24343:    3532
11th [SiK]KacPower #N/A: 1938
12th [SKC]Ryu #11386:    1151
13th Haxardous #21943:   892
14th NGR|HardVadr #2166: 506
15th Lacivert #13745:    477
16th [SKC]MoXing* #5121: 381
17th ~>#Faber #8793:     365
18th NGR|Iveko #29461:   75


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