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It hasn't quite been 2 months, but I figure you guys need "official" admins, so here is my application again.

Gameserver: Mr. Green MTA #1 |RACE| LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 29

Country of origin: United States

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hey guys my name is Stephen I go by Juggernaut in game. Lots of people who play in Mr. Greens MTA server have played with me. I am 29 years old, and married with 3 children. I am currently attending Devry University and working on my Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems. I enjoy gaming, mostly FPS or racing. Right now I pretty much just play MTA Race as I find it challenging and fun. The only other multiplayer game I play right now is Medal of Honor Allied Assault. When MTA first released race I ran a game server for a little while. I moved away from MTA to SA-MP and made a couple scripts for it that me and my friends enjoyed. I quit playing SA pretty much when GTAIV came to the PC. I came back to MTA when I saw that they had released v1.0 and here I am. I am not in any kind of clan. I really enjoy the server and it seems that another admin or 2 may be needed to keep the cheaters and disrespectful people at bay. I will be honest and fair if chosen to admin your server. Thank you for giving me the chance.

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