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[ZS] Yohoho! Merry Creep'smas!

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Yo ho ho! As you know tomorrow this is christmas!

For this special event, Mr.Green's Zombie Survival server becomes suddenly cold, a little icy wind whistles and bring a lot of new things for you players!

And what a lot of presents there are!


Yes yes yes! As for Halloween, we decided to add two new player models, the Grintch and the Santa (this one may change soon, it may not be the same as on the picture), your new deadly weapon: The Snowball, and 2 new exclusives hats!

The snowball will be included as the other weapons, you have to pick it up on the ground (there will be more snowballs than guns, but yet the way to get it is not definitive and it may changes too, maybe all the players will get snowballs at start), it's not so powerful as a rifle but it's terribly fun to attack the zombies with it!

The 2 new hats will be sold for 600 GC (not definitive too) and we plan to reduce the Santa's hat price to 600 GCs too for the event 76987621.gif

Also, this is not all! There are other surprises, a bunch of some new maps will be released too, and minor fixes and a selection menu, and maybe a new votemap system (needs confirmation though!)

Enjoy, and Merry Zombie Christmas!

The event will start tonight (may have some delay maybe, but short one) and will end probably around next wednesday!

A few In-game screens:




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