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New Zs Update


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Now after playing this new update i got to say that it ruins the gameplay. The previous update was not good not bad just decent, the gamemode before the update with dropping guns was the best i've seen. Now it makes u run to get a gun, props rcarried by the zombies wtf o_O? I need to say that im strongly against this update... You may ask why i play it when i dont like it ? Well its zs i got used to it. But now i dont think i will be playing it because lots of good players left after the previous update ruining the gameplay... No its just getting worse. Not every update makes a game better, well that was all i wanted to say!.

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Now it makes u run to get a gun.

The game isn't called Camping Survival anymore.

props rcarried by the zombies wtf o_O?

Call it a unique normal zombie ability!

EDIT: Instead of just whining in the game chat about how stupid or bad the update, you can come up with a better idea. I've been a good guy, tried not to whine too much, read what you've posted some time ago, and chose the things that sounded good. Well, after update: What do I get? "AH NO NO THIS IS BAD .. NO I DON'T LIKE CRATES OMG OMG ZOMBIE CARRYING PROPS WTF? WHERZ DA UNLIMITED AMMU?" ... I know there aren't too many instructions for this game ( unfriendly as I like to call it ), but ... that's how it was the first time you've played it.

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Mmm yes, no camping, but for how long?...People will find new ways to camp.

Yet, they seemed to stop camping at the same places on some maps.

For the prop carrying I partially agree with what Sick said, a zombie musn't have a brain, a zombie just chase fresh meat and hit hit hit.He is not enough intelligent to carry a prop.

Maybe you can make a weak zombie class? Low hp but has ability to "eat" props and throw a kind of acid on humans (like boomer or spitter) and delete that new propkill but keep the old "pro" one?^^ (because now I'll be honest it's too much simplified, I understand you want to make it so that a larger number of people can play easily but the old pros, and those who knew doing things that newbies couldn't, don't find a shoe to their feet, there are not so much things "reserved" for pros :/ (as propkilling was,in the old Zs)).

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a zombie just chase fresh meat and hit hit hit.He is not enough intelligent to carry a prop:

Even in the old version, where would you see prop throwing zombies? The fact is that the normal zombie is slow and it's kinda boring .. sucks playing as zombie :/

As for the prop-pick up thing, I thought it would make fun out of playing as a zombie..

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@Del dont get me wrong i understand you puting so much time in update and i respect you for that because you are the one mostly working on updates I don't know if other admins do that. Well at start I thought throwing props at human is cool but try to run away from 2-3 zombies chasing you impossible. Like @Nugget said propkilling was like for pros now u dont need any skills to do that. And most of all don't think of me as your enemy @Del I am just a normal player on zs wit a year practice so I think now, can write about things that doesnt fit in in my opinion?

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