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Gameserver: MTA

First Name: Peter

Gaming Name: Csena[HUN]

Age: 27

Country: Hungary

Motivation to be admin: I play with MTA since of the beginnings. Used to I played on LW, SKC and Sik servers. Now most of the time I play here. The server is a much better since Sky started repairing the maps. This is the most popular MTA race server. Becouse of this there are so many cheater on this server. Sky and Jugger made a good work, but two admin is not enought. I want to help to keep the server clean. I am sure I am not the best MTA player, but I always play fair. Dont ramming, blocking, ect. Many player know me and they can confirm that I am playing in a friendly manner.

Canceld!!! We have a new admin. Grat Danni! ;)

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