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My in-game name is [{Banner}]

Many people know me as a fair and very good player.

I applicate for having Admin rights at the Mr. Green race server.

Now here are some informations about me:

Age:16. I was borned in 10/01/93

Country: Fray Bentos, Uruguay

In wich server you want to be Moderator/Admin:Mr. Green race server

Are you registered in-game?:Yes, I am

I think I should be acepted because I enter very often to this server, and a lot of times I see cheaters using air brake or high speed. If I were admin I would ban them inmediatly.

I speak fluent English and Spanish.

I have experience being admin, I was admin at zombie server from gamenet.fi and I did a great job durng that time.

I have also got good personality, helping noobs to understand a little bit more the game.

I am looking forward to be answered.


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