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I'am Banned!!


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Hi all

I get banned

I will explain..

When we start map called: Way by master or something like that, and there was 1 checkpoint only,

and we stucked on this map, we dont know the way, the checkpoint was on the rooftop, and the people was waiting for the map until it finish, so i used the hack :( to finish this map, when it finish the admin logged in called : Ywl or idk what name: and the people told him about me, I said for the admin am sorry, I used the hack to finish the map only, so the people said he hacks to get the 1st, I said no I just want to finish the map, so Ywl banned me...

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I would also like to add. I wasn't playing at the exact time this happened. Only about 2 minutes after. But after you were banned Crazy, you re-entered the server after being banned. So not only were you hacking, but also ban-evading.

My few cents.

*Edit* Also, in that map you hacked on. There is a secret path upto the roof. So it was possible.

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