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Zombie survival Maps


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Hello i connecting TO Mr.green Zombie Survivals and He say Disconnect map zs_......._.. Where i can downoload this maps on MR.grren?

2: zs_uglyfort

3: zs_snow_v1

4: zs_tunnels_fixed_v2

5: zs_clav_maze

6: zs_storm_v1

7: zs_fortress

8: zs_barren

9: zs_house_number_23

10: zs_clav_segments_v2

11: zs_nastierhouse_v3

12: zs_nastyhouse_v3b_fixed

13: zs_subway_1_cargo

14: zs_termites_final

15: zs_bog_pubremakev2bf

16: zs_raunchyhouse_final

17: zs_vitron_f9

18: zs_outpost_final

19: zs_villagehouse_final

20: zs_stormier_v1

21: zs_sewers_final

22: zs_bog_shityhouse

23: zs_alexg_motel_v2

24: zs_pub

25: zs_greenpub_b1

26: zs_subversive_v2

27: zs_forgotten_city_enclosed

28: zs_ravenholm_v4

29: zs_clav_inverse

30: zs_thevillage

31: zs_port_v5

32: zs_deadhouse

33: zs_urbandecay2

34: zs_plague_v2

35: zs_shithole_v3

36: zs_farmhouse

37: zs_imashouse_final

38: zs_clav_massive

39: zs_clav_wall

40: zs_junkyard

41: zs_direforest

42: zs_subversive_part4

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You don't have a lot of choices, does it show you this message on each map when you try to join?

Then try to find them on garrysmod.org , there is a pack called 40 Zombie Survival maps, in this pack you have a few maps used in Mr Green ZS.

And if you still can't get the maps, ask someone who has all the maps to upload them somewhere?

i have ONe problem I no can downoload files on webside garrysmod he saying this

Object application/octed-stream what are this ?

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I don't neither have Team viewer nor Skype, I'm not on a pc right now.

Also, your english is a bit poor :s

Mmm, check your settings for your router/modem, look if there are some option activated.

Or just rage against your ISP.

Uhmmm... yeah me english are bad.. i know this Router modem ....i looking all are good i no know why are me downoload files blocked

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