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application for being admin for Mr. Green's MTA Race server


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Hi I would like to be part of the administrative team at Mr greens MTA Race Server, even when I know I will be a good good admin, to remove hackers, cheater, etc - but also because I am very active sets on your server and play big seen inside when I can, but I do mostly. Most people know me and they also think i'm a good MTA player. So I hope that this application will capture your attention. Has it done so I can tell you more about myself at that time.

Many greetings from [FMJ]Dlwp

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yh.. check what Notte said...

but to be honest i don't remember you, maybe cuz off my lack of memory but you didnt caught my attention yet.

to become admin on MTA u cant only bee active on server.. check forums and go to irc. :)

oh yh.. and this is in the wrong section imo.

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I saw him ingame only once. If I remember right He pushed me into the water. grrr

I saw him again and I think he is a good race.

Haha Csena, in my screen i didn't pushed you into the water. It must be a desynch or something. And btw, thanks for call me a good player, as i want to say that to you too.

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