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Admin Application ZPS.

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Hello There!

GamerTag: DeHumanization

Age: 20

From: Denmark

About me: My real name is Joshua Mikkelsen, i work as a tattoo artist. so im used to working with people and customers and know basic etiquette. im in generally happy and nice guy.

im not the best speller in the world, but i talk english fluently

in my spare time, i kill Zombies and i enjoy it way to much!. Actually i think im getting addicted to getting brain splatter all over my hands.

ive played ZPS for a very long time, and i have alot of "game experience".

Why i Would like to be admin: since im playing on Mr. Green this much, im really tired of having to leave because of speedhackers, Mic Spammers etc. so kicking abusive players, the hell out of the server would be a plesure.

since Mr. Green have in genrel a friendly community, i would like to be Admin, to try and keep up the community, and try to make it grow. by being a nice person and a good admin.

i have no intrest in abusing my admin status, for the benefit of myself or my friends.

or showing of and badmouthing players because of my status.

this is for the love of Mr. Green XD

i hope you will take me in

DeHuman over and out

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i know im not very active on the forum. or have been.. ill admit im fairly new to the forum.

but im mostly interrested in making the "server" a awsome place.

dont know if this will prove anything, but over 10,000 kills on the ZPS server kinda says something on how much time i use on the server. ( pure braggin XD )


but you have a point, if i dont use the forum i dont really know whats going on, in the community..

but i have a good insight in whats going on, on the server :D

but i guess as an admin i should force myself to spend more time on the forum :D

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Asking of any ZP:S players to be active on a forum is quite something, asking a may be admin in ZP:S to be active on the forum is even more tough. Don't ask too much ;)

I don't see why ZPS players are different from any other Source game players...

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as it is right now, i might aswell be honest and say im not at IRC.. atm i dont have any reason to be in there.

but not as a request "that i HAVE to be admin"..

but "if" ill be admin, ill will do whats necessary to keep in contact with the top crew.. to keep the server running smooth

and in in conclusion to the forum activity.. the only game that i really play on Mr. Green servers is zombie panic..

so i wouldent go talking a whole lot in other forums, about games i dont know anything about.

and as bob says, theres not really that many ZP:S Players that have any on-going topics in the forum. so theres nothing to reply and the other way around why make a thread that dont get replied.. unless its about important stuff like changes, new maps, new rules etc etc.

aint it in reality more important to be where the clients are, if the clients/ costumers are on the forum ofc its important to reply and help with issues.

but in this case they are in the game.

hope this didnt sound to harsh. cuz thats not in any way my meaning.

and just to be sure, this is not to explain or excuse me for not being "that" social.. but merly explenation :)

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I understand that you mean it good. But we really want to know people better before we accept apps. That's why you already need to be regularly on the forums and IRC. I really hope you can do something about that and make a new admin app. soon. :)

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