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Well lets start from when I updated my steam in morning:

A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

Steam Client

Improved caching of images/icons fetched over HTTP and used inside client UI (avatars, achievement images, etc);

Windows 7 jump list improvements;

Improved Steam Cloud transfer protocol performance/reliability when syncing large files;

Consistency improvements for stats and achievements;

Improved network communication work;

Added password support to steam://connect command for connecting to game servers. The proper syntax is: steam://connect/[iP:Port]/[password];

Fix for the overlay sometimes not detecting input messages in games with different focus and active hwnds;

Optimized the stats and achievements system's disk usage;

Fixed cloud games attempting to sync when the client is in offline mode.

After that update i cant connect to VAC servers, especially to Mr. Green servers. The thing he writes after my connection to a server is like this: "The server requires that you be running steam", and in "Find servers" list: "Steam Beta must be running to make use of Find Servers".

I tried everything i could. (re-enter steam; switch OFF and then ON my pc; trying to find out the problem)

People, if someone knows please explain me how to pass this goddamn shit.

Thank you.

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Try to run CSS first.

Already played it the whole day yesterday.

Why does it say "Steam Beta"?

Have you signed up to a beta program?

Well, i were using some Steam Beta a long time ago. But when i used the Steam Client Beta it didnt allow me playing the servers, so I chosen NONE beta.

It always says "You need to run steam beta" with me. Or else I can't join either. Enable it, restart steam, and it'll work.

For now I don't have any Steam Beta available in options. If there would be one, I've guessed without you lol. :S

try to remove your clientregistery.blob this blob will replace automatic when you open steam again. this helps most of times when steam has problems with dont connecting to servers

Ok I'll try but... where can I find this file?

Found it, deleted it, but nothing even happened. O_O


Almost forgot so say about a really rare thing. "Friends" in your list. Those "friends" i had when i bought half-life 2, when it came out (yeah, there was no steam). And i got those friends. That option was active. But when i press friends in gmod, happens... *NOTHING* except a beep. Image here: (Lmao, maybe i shall show the console too? :3)


Found this (you were talking about).

Problems Directly After a Steam Update

If you have a connection problem immediately after a Steam update, it is most likely being caused by a firewall.

The best solution is to go to the firewall permissions and remove all references to Steam.exe, HL.exe and HL2.exe and let them be relearned again. Just because there are existing permissions does NOT mean they are correct permissions. Every time the Steam client is updated, your firewall permissions need to be reset.

1 question:

Where to find the firewall in Vista? I just have no idea :(


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