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hello, most of you dont know me, but i play on the server everynow and again,

i would like to apply for admin to help the server out when there is no admins online, and i have another friend who would also like to do the same, and he is on there alot

also, sorry if this is ment to be in a seperate topic

Game Server:MTA

Age:19 nearly 20


Link To steam Comunity: SiKFulMetal

Link to Xfire profile: hendo56

Info: i have been apart of mta for 5 years now, ive been admin for that time as well, i run 3 clans and am apart of SiK, speed is king, im also admin on the DRuG and AGS server, and i play samp, also admin on there

More about you: i like to come onto this server as it has players on all the time, i dont race for records just for fun

Some more reasons why you want to be admin? i would like to be an admin due to i have had years of experience, i know what to look for and i would like to keep this server hax free

if you would like to get to know me more, that is fine, ill try and come on when there is more regulars on

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