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Hello DoD players,

Do you like taking screenshots? Funny or serious, you can post them here. Scoreboard screens to boost your ego can also be dumped here. You may also post videos here (that you made off course).

Imma start with some scoreboard screens 'n stuff (click on the screens to enlarge). :V

Rifleman pwnage ^^


Support domination



Another nice round as Rifleman


Dominating some players


Enjoying my Panzershreck


I liek mah shovel :V


Most kills [support class]



Winning a round, most caps, most defences


Lots of area captures and lots of kills as Support


Pro tip: Use Xfire to take screenshots:

- upload them to your profile page

- share them (Select a size to post this screenshot online: Large)

- click the 'view full size' button and replace the URL of the Share link with that of the full size image.

This way we won't suffer slow loading screens that first have to be fully downloaded untill they get resized.

Also, please don't quote screenshots! Unless you want to respond to 1 certain screenshot, and if so, please remove the IMG tags in the quote.

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