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Mr. Green Gaming

RĀTCHĘTSTRĮKĘ Admin application


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Color Coded For Easy Reading :)

General Information.


| Gameserver: Mr. Green GMod #2 | INFECTED WARS | LEFT4GREEN.COM

| Age: 15

| Country of origin: England

| Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197989501345/home

| Link to Xfire profile **: http://zhtw.xfire.com/profile/ratchetclan4/

| Do you have a Microphone?: yes a Headset :)


Little something about your self:

My name is Ratchetstrike, Ryan In real life but i perfer to be called ratchet i have been on infected wars for quite some time, dating back from before the update that reset all the achievements and stuff i used to have Deus Ex Machinca and i was 70 babies off the 500 one, i also had some other achievements,

Currently now the only server i go on is Infected Wars Its the funnest :), And It kills me to see 0 players on when i wake up at 7-10am,lol

Why Should You Be Admin?:

I think that i should be admin, because i know general rules of servers like when someone is hacking,abusing,exploting,glitching,griefing, And know the appropriate boundrys for ban times, For example : if a person kept griefing it would be a kick, then a 1-2hour ban (depends on whats been said) if they re-offend

I have a sense of humour, and sometimes will type a swear word when i die,Usually just the F word but you gotta admit its tempting!, (I think toaster would equally agree with me on that one as i have seen him do it!)

the best thing is when you kill a person as stalker who accidently walks into a crate or box, and actually "Laugh Out Loud" at there misfortune, poor people :(

How many hours can you play?: Well On School days about 6-7hours, and on weekends about 10-14hours (7-10am till 11pm)


Will You be active on the Forums,Xfire, ect?:

I will Make the forums auto load when i run firefox so there always open, and try to check them everday if possible,

Xfire is set to run and login at startup so if you ever need me on that its always there :)

PC specs (Do you lag or not?):

My current graphic card is a geforce 9800 gt super, and i have 4gb of ram (i believe one stick is faulty because i have bsodded quite alot, so i will check that sometime), my processor is a amd athlon 64x2 dual core 5200+ 2.70ghz

not really the best of processors but it gets the job done :)

i use a wireless network card in the back of my pc, which never ever disconnects me from the internet, (it OWNS!)

so Yeah if i disconnect its proberly because my gmod has decided to close on me XD


That pretty much sums up my application, I've played with toaster a few times

so he best reply here XD, I have not seen you on the server yet though Clavus


Oh yeah also this might be handy :)

highest ive got is 107wpm with 1 word wrong


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That pretty much sums up my application, I've played with toaster a few times

so he best reply here XD, I have not seen you on the server yet though Clavus

You cant expect Clavus to play on all of his servers can you? :P

And good luck :)

poor clavus

Good Luck²

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I have seen you many times :D You a very nice gye :D IW needs MORE admins :P And this is a very good app :D But(It's always a but >: D), You is not what i call a veteran that know most of the players and have a lot of experience. If you had more hours on the server i would give you my full support :D But i think you way too fresh. Anyway. GOOD LUCK! :lol:

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(I think toaster would equally agree with me on that one as i have seen him do it!)

I have no idea what you are talking about :mellow:

Anyways, I think you are a nice guy and have a really good app.

Sorry but I don't think your right for admin :(

I seem to remember you joining about mid December. I know this isn't too bad, but in my opinion you should play a bit longer before you apply for admin. I also don't know you all that well. I really only see you on once or twice a week (sometimes more). This might just be because on weekdays I am normally on just for the night shift. I have talked to you in-game about your app a few times, and you don't seem to take admin seriously enough. You aren't very nice to people. Just the other day I was being attacked by a bones and you killed him for me (kill steal by the way). You then go on saying "Toaster your aim sucks!" and you were saying you were better than me and that I am not good at IW. You don't do this just to me, I have gotten complaints from other players about you.

Over all what I am trying to say is that you should spend more time on the forums and server before you apply for admin so that we can get to know you a bit more.

Well, that's just my opinion. I have no idea what Top Crew thinks.

Anyways, good luck on your app.

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