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Admin Application MTA #1


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Applying for the Multi Theft Auto - Race server server

Ingame nick: .:SDK:.

Age: 18

Country of origin: Belgium

Xfire profile: xfire

Steam: Here

About myself:

My real name is Sam, I live in Belgium near Mechelen. I am the eldest of three, I have a brother and a sister.

Currently going to high school, my first year. Some people may remember me from the previous MTA server. I'm busy with some maps/gamemodes which will probably never get finished :P

Why would I be a good admin?

I play almost every day and I'm often online when no other admin is online, but we could use one (not a bad word about the admins though). Usually when I'm at my pc I am online at IRC and check it regularly. Ingame I'm friendly and I try to be helpful to other players.

I was admin on the previous MTA server from Mr. Green (three years ago). If someone is cheating, I'm usually able to spot him quickly. I know the difference between cheating and someone with a dualcore bug.

Also MTA can be a very frustrating game, which is why a lot of people act aggressively. I always try to remain calm when I'm playing and I never begin playing unfair, I keep the fun in the game.

Thanks for reading and hoping for some good news

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Hello SDK!

I've played a lot of times with you and everytime you only showed how worthy and nice you are, not mentioning you're a good player too. It's always a challenge to me when you're in the server. Your script is very useful as well (tells the players via IRC if the current map has respawn or not). I think you'll make a great admin should you be accepted.


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