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welcome you in my corner ...

Today we talk about the basecamp and the two idiots who staged a mass zombie genocide, the method of incubation on the roofs near the base of a zombie ...

Firstly, I never understood how these two practically at the very beginning of the round took up arms on the type of pulse rifle and machine gun, they ran and crushing all at the outset

Hmm me no pleasure not provided on natykatsya frightened, beaten by a zombie, here are the same stow back whence they came, and there is a dead... rofl

Look at the pictures that were created at the crime scene


Actually the main problem is that the nature of the screenshot, he won first place (hmm you're probably proud of himself)


Collateral Reference 1: Description of short hair, Worm body "burned" under the eyes there's nothing like on their site ... mene nice type, not even listening to me, pretended not to notice me, his pluck, and gave him panic


good landscape today, straight Draw a picture, though that's a bloody stain on the right sight of the strains that-can you do


my eyes, this bastard mined all the possible exits from the base zombie


actually where he ran


1 more, running, the probe is not where should


ran to his fellows, stalemate, he sat down, but here it is not shown


Our last and final hit parade, engineer idiot who imagines himself to Robocop (do not worry man, they too will get)


Well, the battle itself, zombies against undefeated basecampers

most simply killing that killed me is that the distinguished Deluvas, set fire to me when I killed him standing next to the base, and this was when I went out and saw him and another zombie, and then I went out for just a few seconds

There is! Look at these freaks, that I was punished for something? a petition to ask who will be?? :DDDDD

Today it's all my dear, I hope to see you next time, come again

rofl rofl rofl lololo xDDD

I've said - all free

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The camping, the OP class spawns or the Deluvas BURNING you?

Yeah, probably. Hmm, I wonder why the selection splash things are so stretched. I tested them at both screen ratios :<

EDIT: Probably low resolution X D

Anyway, about spawn-killing: Hopefully, the new zombie classes will be moving fast and spawnkilling shouldn't be a problem :P

Edited by Deluvas
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