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MY INGAME NAME [ZPV] VECIS :D (LV);(RUS);(ENG) I was downloaded good program witch helps find the numbers. i also know this program have speed hack for alll online games. so i get this program from my friend. i just tested it on MR green server i was cheating 2 hours .then someone dont like my speed hack and he go to web and posted to ban me .that was WEB BAN. you should un ban me because im wery popular people there and also in other servers im funny helpful somtimes, all with me understands good. so as i can speak in three languages i can talk with others players and made this server popular . im playing this game 5 or 10 hours in day. so i was banned 7 monts ago . and i want play again in this server with my friends like always. and in that server i have score record and i want get better it (was 73 kills XD) i want be there in top 3 like in other servers :) .And that was my first time cheating in ONLINE game (that was mistake) but i dont like playing with cheaters all what i can do its use speed hack to :).so im playing this game more than 2 years i know of course when players are using wall hack and when aimbot so i can be a GOOD and FAIR admin :)

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well im not using it now for online games XD

i know all abaut VAC ban !!

before i started cheating i know whith what i m risking

well i sad im good player so that wasfirst time in MY LIFE when i used ONLINE cheats

if you intrested you can download that program « Crew Ywa: HAXXXXXXX »

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