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MTA Admin Application #1 Server


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Gameserver: Mr. Green #1 Race MTA Server

Age: 17

Country of origin: Romania

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BinSlayer/home

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

First of all, let me introduce myself. My in-game nick is mostly BinSlayer but I can also be found playing as NeO_Roberto (Yes, NeO is a clan and yes I am aware of the ‘no clan’ rule but I’m also determined to make this not an issue anymore ). I started playing as soon as MTA:SA came out, that’s like 2006. MTA has been my prefered game ever since. I joined NeO as it was the most popular server at that time(just like Mr. Green is now) and I’d managed to become a part of their community. I became a team member,a VIP and finally an admin. Nobody has ever complained about my administrating as I have always made common-sense decisions, i’ve never abused my powers in any way but most importantly, obeyed the rules myself. Maybe this last thing is the most important one, because in my opinion, admins are just like regular players, the only difference between them is the powers they had been granted, -in order- to make the server more –enjoyable- for everybody. What I mean with the above is briefly that an admin cannot expect the players to obey rules if he doesn’t obey them himself.

Secondly, I had been an admin in NeO for 2 years. With this achievement, I can proudly say that I am more than experienced when it comes to administrating. My sense of justice has always been good, and I can take a joke without screwing it up for everybody else. I hope I am active enough in the server according to your standards. (I’m not that kind of person who says they want to be admin just because others aren’t active enough). I’ve been playing a lot under the name of NeO_Roberto but then changed it to BinSlayer, so probably most of you know me better by NeO_Roberto unlike BinSlayer.

Thirdly, Yes I am aware that I only have 2 posts on the forum. I’ll try to be more active here too, as I already am on IRC and in-game. Also, if any of the admins should refer to my –sometimes- swearing, I feel I need to say that I’ve changed and you should probably notice I’ve stopped it a long time ago. I’m good friends with Retard and I know all the other active admins.

I hope you will consider my admin application. I would really like to help by becoming an admin in Mr. Green’s #1 MTA Server.

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First of all stick to one name please, makes it easier for everybody :)

2nd: Was playing with you today, and you seem really nice, reporting hackers, and made sure I banned two guys.. :o

You're mature enough when playing, I dont see you swearing or anything and you're nice to everybody..

I think you're good to go.

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u really improved, seen you in irc alot ;) friendly etc.

in BinSlayer, i realy like your new attitude, helpefull and doesnt flame like u did in the pass.

i think u are ready for it. gl

PS. this seemed like our applies on team.neo doesnt it? lol. if u know what i mean. (THIS IS PASS)

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