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hehey guys , i just finished a map and would like to share it :lol: \

Some basic info about the map : it's a 32 checkpoint map , ( wasn't letting me put more ) The map is about medium size , with visible exploding barrles. The map has its place near a swamp , If I can call it like that , near Wheatstone , Chilliad mountain

Vehicles in use : Patriot and Sandking ( mostly patriot )

Repair kits and Nitrous are present aswell.

Made the checkpoints have different colors , and some of them size.

High use of props.

The start.

another one


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Hello once again ;) Made nother map lolz

It's a small to medium size map , with 23 checkpoints with several traps along the course , gotta be carefull on edges and middle of road , who knows what barrel explodes in ya face :P

the map entire race map is consisted from Part 1 and 2 of DAMS all united together to form a ~~~~~ map :P for 32 players max.


Race start

first speed down

Other side

the ~~~

Cars that are going to be used are : Sultan , Flash ( the start ) and Sandking

Please If its possible notify me when their up on server ^^ any suggestion is welcomed.


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Race on ! new map ^^

It's called HELL_Coaster , 32 players map use of props : medium , Type : Race and freefall.

Don't be scared if your screen starts to flash with colors when map starts , its because of the Weather i chosen ingame that makes the Screen flash.

Size : Short - Gay mta won't let me put more checkpoints so i had to make it 7 checkpoint map.

Images :

Spawn point

First action



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This map kept crashing my game before I could get to the first CP. :blink:

Could be just a problem on my PC. I dunno.

I'm crashing too, something with visual c++ error. Sorry but I don't think we'll leave it on the server then

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