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Gameserver: TF2... Mainly CP/CTF and Payload. Hardly play Arena anymore and pretty much never play Koth.

Age: current: 17 at the time of posting.

Country of origin: England.

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rjackson

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I've toyed with the idea of applying before, but decided not to as I'm not heavily involved in the forum nor IRC; I am however quite often found on the servers.

I study "IT Practitioners, Software Development" along with Error 401 at York College. I've been involved in computers / general tech for a while now. Myself and Mr. 401 and another associate are expanding an existing company into the art of PC Building (in the UK and need anything, let us know. :)). Doing which I shall be expanding my knoweledge and skills away from the 'software' side of things, and into the hot, sexy, dirty hardware side... The kind of side where you get to "liquid cool her internals", and "bump her frontside bus"; and where any hardware related innuendo is regularly expressed and appreciated.

Any way, on to my experience in running game servers / administrating thems... A few of you may be aware of the game "Sourceforts"... It's a pretty fun game that I have stopped playing due to the people on it being insanely stressful (from an admins perspective)... I was an admin on "Xenon Servers" - the top servers in Sourceforts, getting my admin there after just 2 weeks of playing and offering my assistance in running the servers. I had been an admin there for well over a year dealing with the most arrogant, the most idiotic and the most stressful players to have ever entered the 'internet'. Having dealing with such players and keeping the servers clean and fun for all it's no doubt my actions had been disputed over and over again; throughout any disputes the admin team and server owner of Xenon Servers continually backed up my decisions, and if I head back to that game now, I expect I will still have admin access and will still be trusted 100% with the task of administration.

I play a lot of TF2, and a lot of the time on your servers... You may have noticed I tend to get a bit annoyed at times... This is probably a psychological trait generated from administrating on SourceForts... However, even during such outbursts of "unhappiness" I never take any administrative action against any player for personal reasons. I only take action if a player is breaking any server rules, or making the game an unpleasant experience for anybody in game.

I hope a few people on these forums recognise me from TF2 and have been educated into this little insight to 'me', and I trust you'll make your decision wisely and fairly, as you would any other player (new or old to the server).

Muchos Loveos,

Mr Layer.

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he is most of playing ingame.

(off mr Layer admin app topic.

i would like to see that the staff would replace some admins by new ones. because the most other admins never play ingame. and in my eyes you are applying to be a SERVER ADMIN and not to be only active on irc or the forums, thats what the most tf2 admins do right now. layer and grass are always ingame and i hope you will keep playing this for a long time when you are server admins. that would be nice.thats what i needed to say because guys that playing a lot always being declined (even when they use irc). and in my opinion thats wrong.)

i wish you good luck with your app layer. you are good player and a good person ingame:D

you will not get competition with me because moa don't use irc:P. and probably never gonna use it

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