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Sorry about another topic but I think its required...

Pufulet: Finally I found someone who could help me with my problems in mapping mainly to do with optimization. I worked with him about a week and finally finished it. Thanks Zincoshine ur awsome >=D. Oh and btw zs_dump is on its way :D

Zincoshine: pufulet did a lot of changes after zs_the_siege, but he still failed to optimize the map. I succeeded however, with his permission and VMF which means no vmex bugs!

The map will be released soon with a few images.

Changes by pufulet:

- pakratted CSS textures and models

- removed the 2 small rundown houses near the zombie spawn

- made a new house and placed it where the rundown houses used to be

- added a metallic shed near the large house

- added cargo crates and train carts around the open space to discourage spawn camping

- removed most of the preplaced func_detail boards and added more doors inside the house

- removed most of the blue shelves

- added a nicer roof to the large house

- removed the explosion in the large house

- added a glass window onto the large hexagon windows of that fort on the bottom

- added glass windows to the rape tower.

- Got rid of half the rockets

- removed the rain

Changes by Zincoshine:

- added skybox with color closest to the fog (used the same skybox of forestofthedamned_2010)

- adjusted fog color values to match that of the skybox

- added in light_env from forestofthedamned

- added far z clip for fog

- wrapped the large house in areaportalwindows

- fixed the lighting of the forts

- added 4 redemption spawn points. 25% chance of getting rewarded with an epic last stand.

- Got rid of the remaining rockets since they way outside playable boundaries.

- added filtered func_breakable boards to the new house and some other areas.

- got rid of all the laggy crap outside the playable areas of the map

- optimized the skybox greatly

- optimized the brushwork

- optimized displacements

- nodraw

- func_detail

- and more

Framerate has increased by 120%

Edited by Pufulet
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