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Don't need a teleporter here.

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So um... today I was playing in the Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas server, Mr. Green's of course, when all of a sudden I spawned in a whole other server, playing Zombie Survival or something. Then I went back to the Mr. Green server. Minutes later, the same happened. I did nothing, just racing and suddenly, cha-pow!, get teleported to another server.

Is this some kind of Hidden Camera show? Is it like that other server has some kind of magical powers to lure me there? Or is it this server that doesn't want me and silently puts me someplace else? I hope that anyone of you is able to help me.

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I hate hackers.

shall I ban him ? >:o

Not BlueYoshi97. But there was a hacker yesterday who managed to get into the admin panel.

oh.. i wanted to ban him =( xD

alright. i was on my dad's house and i didnt had the pc to play there =/. trying to get back on the server : )

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Please tell us when it happend.. on a specific map or not?

I do not remember which map it was, but it must be the same one that Heinix got smashed into. When I played MTA yesterday and the day before yesterday, nothing happened. When I made this topic, that was the only time it happened (but two times in the same evening, and I was the only one in the server that got warped, apparently).

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Rudimentary, my dear Heinix! This case is such a hard one. All our clues are two simple facts: the server that the victims fell into must be Finnish. And the two victims are Dutch. So so, I suppose... I can inform you that the pattern is the key to the answer. But the time will tell us the most now! :monocle:

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