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Tingull3nt...no doubt in my mind. he has set toptimes, never been here before...finished that one 116 cp map that you CANT finish..yet denies he is a hacker...blah blah.

there are a lot of toptimes that are hacked. is it possible to reset them? and once again, i know this isnt the place to rave about it....but can you guys please give some more admins out. I like your server due to volume and shear variety of maps. But it is exceptionally frustrating when noone can do anything about hackers....

my two cents.

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ok, so, i have heard that some peoples games run at 35fps, and it doesnt boot them. I suspect that tinguill3nt and BinSlayer are running at 35fps. They are faster than everyone else, but not obvious cheats. I know the game kicks people for high fps, is that a user controlled function? such as...if your comp is running at 33fps, it will boot?

Because i have only seen it kick people above 35. not AT 35 or below...

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I have to say that tingull3t or whatever is a bit fishy. He does have very low ping, but if he finished that 116cp map he is prob cheating. Also YWA I have to disagree on the frame rates if some are getting 35 then that's a big boost in race when everyone else is sitting at 31. I understand though that the fps kicker kicks people falsely. The server is way better with it though. Anyway, that's my opinion. B)

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Ok guys, I got evidence of him hacking ór using some kind of bug.

http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/69372831/file.html ( Download the file, player doesnt work )

If u watch the video from 25 seconds on, you will see Tingulli3nt flying with a bike towards air ( normal )

Now if you wait for a couple of seconds, the next shot will show you he stopped in mid air ( opacity 50% ) and released himself so he didn't fall further.


EDIT: Oh btw, I started recording him because he delibrately rammed me though failed and was going into the water, and used that kind of hack/bug too

EDIT: Nevermind, was the spectating bug, taken care off.

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He's banned. Not only did he play with a high fps and established impossible records, but he deliberately abused the spectating bug which is pretty much like airbrake. (can be seen in Camille's video)

At first I only wanted to talk to him, warn him that if he does that again he'll be banned, but what I got in return was him quit the server :/

I think he had had enough warnings.. Time for ban.

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hej, i recognized that (admin) banned me at mr. green race server

its true that i used some buggs, nut i never makes new records with them, only with the higher fps bugg (33) i dont know it, but i know now it was a bugg

i want that you unbanned my serial or tell me what to do

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Usually I have low blood pressure, but now... :angry: Two cheater post unban request, when they obviously use illegal things to get benefit. You broke many records. A lot was mine. And i think you are a great racer. :angry:

I know it is not my business and i do not have the right to interfere in the decision, but i hope you will be banned. coz you obviously knew that you use kind of cheats.

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