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Current Projects:




Progress: 80% - Basics are done, details aren't. Should also be optimized more for Source.

Polycount: 7.485 (Slightly optimized version)

Priority: Normal

Ported to Source: Only the stripped version of the model, ported to the Source engine by Deluvas.






(Crappy pose done and rendered in 3ds Max 2011)

Progress: 70% - Basics are done, details aren't either. Optimization not really needed yet, probably needed for Source.

Basics made in one day.

Polycount: -Need to check-

Priority: High

Ported to Source: Unable to port it so far (attempts have been made)

Going to add more details and more models tomorrow, this is just a start

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  • 1 month later...

I ported some Oblivion models to GMod.

This isn't really a mentionable project actually, just an attempt to porting.

These are the results:


(I gave the chair a random scale and forgot to scale the sheep)

Porting from Oblivion is really easy. If I could compile ragdolls I'd rig 'n bone the sheep, but because I can't compile it anyway I didn't bother to.

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  • 1 month later...

I revived one of my old models, the laptop:


I fixed it up for GMod and compiled it:


And I also used it in a scene in Cinema 4D:


I might give the keyboard a real texture and give the laptop body a bit more realistic look instead of a diffuse color.

And, although the screen is the same on the last 2 screens, the actual screen texture is easily replaceable because the texture isn't "attached" to the laptop body texture. I can just press printscreen on my laptop, flip the texture 180°, and I have a working (correctly sized) texture.

You can comment here.

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As you might've noticed, I started posting more often. This is because I have more time on my hands to model and/or post about it. Hooray for the holidays.

Anyway, back to business:

Changed the renderer to Vray. I had used Vray several times before but never took the time to configure it properly. This is the result:



(Using Cinema 4D with default Cinema 4D render engine)



(Using 3ds Max 2010 x64 with Vray Advanced render engine, v1.50 SP4)

As you can see, it's the same scene. Though the first screen looks like it was "taken" inside of a building, while the seconds screen looks like it was "taken" outside in a very sunny place.

Laptop is a bit too glossy though. Oh, and the black "smudges" on the keyboard are caused by sloppy modeling (it's an old model after all).

I'm currently trying to get better at texturing and setting up a scene for rendering using Vray. Besides that I'm always trying to improve my models (more complex, less blocky, better optimization etc).

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Fresh from 3ds Max:

This evening we (Ywa, Redgord and me) decided to use a metro tunnel (with Metro 2033 in the back of our heads) as the scene for a Leadwerks Engine tech demo. This wasn't our first idea though, but hopefully it'll work out it was planned.

The initial concept render, to get Ywa to agree with the metro tunnel concept:


Updated version, when we all agreed on the metro tunnel scene:


Final version for tonight:


All in all, I'm surprised how well it turned out so far.

Comments, feedback or whatever you like to say can be posted right here.

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  • 1 month later...

New model, it's was sort of "requested" by someone I know in real life:

Render (Vray):




Note that this version of the revolver is entirely polished, just so a decent looking render could be made.

It's also still WIP, needs some tweaks and (a lot) more details.

Based on this gun (Smith & Wesson M500 Silver).

You can comment here, but ofcourse you already knew that.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Nothing very fancy, but I've been practicing with Vray a bit more today. Also made my laptop a render slave, but it failed. It's not a huge loss though, it has some old 1.8 GHz singlecore CPU and 1 GB RAM, sharing 128 MB with the GPU.

Anyway, apart from the wood texture I thought this looked pretty nice:


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  • 3 months later...

I almost had to learn Russian for it, but I managed to rip the Metro 2033 models:


From left to right: Librarian boss, pig, Burbon, bitch


Ushanka + part of gasmask


Burbon model #1 close-up

(Not all of them pictured, obviously)

I'll try porting some normal models and some ragdolls to GMod next week or so.



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