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[Zombie Survival] Weapon Textures Show As Errors

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Hi there, recently (for around 4 days or so now) whenever I play on Zombie Survival the human weapon textures show as errors (pink and black checkered).

I've tried applying the Infected Wars fix (as stickied in this forum) and that has made no difference. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Gmod, Counter Strike, etc... and that has made no difference.

I've tried deleting all the Zombie Survival files from my garrysmod folder, and that has made no difference. They redownload from the server but I still get the exact same error.

This never used to happen and nothing has significantly changed on my system.


AMD Athlon 64 x2 @ 2.7ghz,

4gb RAM (3gb usable),

Geforce 8400gt 256mb,

Please help me get this fixed.

If you need more info then just ask.

Thank you,


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do you have counter-strike source, because you need it to have weapon models ?

p.s: maybe you dont have it mounted in your gmod settings.

he says he has it ( since he had to re install it )

But yea, Like I said, you should check if you have it mounted on gmod

( I think its in settings and then next to advanced settings at the bottom )

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Thank you QTesla and Damien for your help :) I'd entirely forgotten about that pesky mount screen! Turns out there were a bunch of games on there that I hadn't ticked on. I also do have Counter Strike: Source - that was something I appear to have missed in the original post.

All sorted out now anyway and everything appears to be working properly. Thank you once again.

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