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fps problem

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Hi, first of all I want to apologize if I write something wrong, I'm argentinian and english isn't my native language.

I have some fps problem, I have usually around 15-25 fps, but after playing 3 or 4 maps (sometimes more, sometimes less) the server kicks me out for high fps. This happens just when the game switches from map and the screen is black, the fps ups to 50 or more and when the image reappears (in the new map), the fps drops to normal, but this peak of fps for a few seconds is enough for the server to kicked me out.

Anybody can help me with this?

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It's not a ping time problem, ti's a high fps problem, I do not remember exactly the words on the screen, but is something like "You will be kicked out for high fps (more than 35 fps)" in big red letters. So, I know now that 35 fps is the limit, and during the race I am far down from that number, but in that "black moment" between the maps the fps ups to around 50 and sometimes more for 2 or 3 seconds.

And yes, is Mr Green MTA server for GTA San Andreas.

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Are you using Windows XP and also have a dual-core processor?

It's a known bug. The fix goes like this: Open mta. Alt-tab. CTRL+ALT+DELETE, go to processes, find gta_sa.exe , right click on it, choose Set Affinity and make sure only the first processor is checked.

However, I would suggest upgrading to Windows 7 as it has solved this dual-core processor issue.

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