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unbann Tingulli3nt

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im a player on race server, my nickname: Tingulli3nt

i was banned on 05th. 05. 2010

i think that BinSlayer banned me

the reason why i got banned is that i used a bugg on server

the reason why you should unbann me is that i really dont used the bugg like hacks or to get atvantege (I explored the bugg cous it was new )

in futur i will never use the function to spectate

(i speak about spectate mode BUGG)

it was a mistake, i lost the trust, but im still a good player

plz help me

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You shall remain banned for a few days to learn your lesson.. Never use game-exploits to your advantage. Even though you said you weren't using it as an advantage, I saw you avoid death by using it. Also, never try bugs because they're new; instead, go and report them to admins :/

I'll post here when you've been unbanned..

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