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MTA not launching! HELP!!!

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Multi theft auto isnt launching again... this is the second time. It happend to me about a week ago.

I didnt change anything I really dont know what stopping it from launching.

Last time this happend I re-installed San andreas but I dont want to do this everytime MTA messes up.

Any help?!

I also have vista and the STEAM download version of GTA SA if this makes any difference

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because you probably started Steam :)

I'm not entirely sure, but Steam may have checked the game's data and it detected the .exe was modified was it updated itself and the update must have caused the revert to original v3.0 gta_sa.exe

So how's it coming? Did using a 1.0 no-cd crack work?

Edit: If this is the solution, I recommend copying the GTA Folder from the Steam folder elsewhere in your computer and running MTA from there!

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Great news GTA is now working.

Well, when you choose the GTA Folder, make sure you're choosing the right one from those 2 that you mentioned.. The GTA Folder is supposed to have gta_sa.exe inside it.

Also, if you still can't do it, reinstall mta and it should find the gta folder itself

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Yea now you need a cracked GTA_SA.exe ;) Search for it on google, I dont know if i'm allowed to post it here

'Do not make topics about hacks/cracks/cheats for a multiplayer game. Go ruin somebody's fun somewhere else.' :rolleyes:

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Search on google "gta sa no-cd" , go to the first link that pops up and choose GTA: San Andreas v1.0 [ALL] No-CD/Fixed EXE to download, then replace it with the other exe you already have.

I'm not sure if warez/crack links are allowed.. So that's why I've tried to make it look like a step-by-step tutorial xD

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