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ALW Deftones .. banned ?

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Hey guys, its -]alw[-Deftones.

I'm pretty well known among the green players as im sure you all know me, tainted, tictoc, and the rest of us alw's by now. I logged in today around 4:40pm and disconnected myself because i had my bittorent running and decided not to play until it was finished, i decided to close mta and i just tried to log in now at 6pm est and i am getting "Disconnctedd: You have been banned from this server".

I'm pretty sure everyone on this server and the admins know me well enough to know i dont cheat so im wondering... why the bloody poop was i banned? The last time i played was sunday i think and all was fine. Played with binslayer, famiconyoshi, i think moshpit was on... well w/e.

Lemme know whats going on guys. later.

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