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Problem with ping-kicker

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I can no longer join your server because of your ping kicker kicking me for a high ping when I am downloading the requested files.

Might I ask that the ping kicker should be enabled when people are finished downloading requested files?

I do have a high ping anyways but it doesn't get as high as the ping kicker gets me when I am downloading these files.


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Yeah the ping kicker used to be 350 which is why a lot of people were getting kicked when downloading the map or the resources. I've set it to be 500. If other admins don't like the way it is feel free to change i won't mind, but the fact is a lot of people will get kicked if it is set under 500.. It's actually more of a mess when they download the required files.

@Grim_Reeper: Even if your ping is 300, it will go a lot higher once you start downloading.

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I've added an extra check to the pingkicker, it won't kick you if you're downloading.

Let me know if something doesn't work.

Ps. there is a setting for admins to disable the extra check in case there's trouble and the ping kicker is back to 350

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