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just a small sugestion.

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so as you all know i'm usualy active on the ZS servers and i enjoy complaining. but today im going to move away from complaining to just give a quick sugestion.

lots of people complain about howlers being op and doing to much damage. Before that people were complaining about zerks being op. but i think that you should make howlers do less damage to all classes except beserkers. beserks should be returned to their original strength but howler do full damage to them when they have melle weapons ouy, slightly less damage when the are using any gun and then do less than that to any other class.

i dont know how difficult it would be to be to make this possible, i think quite difficult, but if it was posible do you think this would work on the server?

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Maybe the classes should be replaced by some custom class system(MW2 you said?).

You would choose the caracteristics you want to boost and each level earned gives you some points you can invest in those caracs.

i think that would work really well but there would be the same OP issues that other game shave were someone will find the 'perfect' combination and then in a team wetween them the would all have 'perfect' classes and just be unbeatable.

but tbh the zerks are designed to stand alone but when they are alone they normaly get owned eventualy so having them a little weaker than before would make them good for teams.

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Yeah, as a commando i kinda like axestabbing and i dont need any zerk perks for such kind of an activity

Also i use melee cause shitty 5-7 cannot kill zombos with "power-ups" (1st 2 zombies) it hardly can kill only one.

Using melee in humiliation activites to kill some prop-overlords cause they try to prop me down in CQC

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